So you wish to contact
8P6DG digitally on Barbados?
DigiMon - Paul W. Van Dyke
   Paul also known as Digimon makes some comments:

    So you wish to work me and the team on Barbados on XXX band using SSB, CW, RTTY, PSKxx, Satellite on  AO-51, or some other mode.

    I would suggest keep looking at the DX clusters and they will give you the best clue of where I am, and what mode I am running in at any time. I normally run PSK 31, and then check for RTTY activities. On Saturday -- I look and see if there is any SSTV around on 20 m.  I normally am on 20 m ( standard PSK and RTTY frequencies) And somewhere on 17 m if one of the other crew is not tearing up the bands there.
  This information also applies for the rest of the crew, we will be all over the bands!

    When I am running from the villa, the radio will be a Elecraft KX3, I will be running 30 W when doing PSK 31, and 100 W when running RTTY /SSTV.    Trying to make a special schedule while on the island is almost impossible due to the fact there are so many things going on.

    This year, I will be doing phone from the beach QRP on my Elecraft KX3 running 5 to 10W, and will be powered by an A123 Lithium Nanophosphate battery into a
Buddipole Adjustable Vertical Rigid Shock-cord Adjustable Whip antenna. (Beach Mount)
Logging will be with a iPad or Android tablet using HamLog and the
KX3 interface built by  Pignology LLC

   Again, keep checking the DX cluster as it will tell you if I am doing digital or on the beach doing QRP. And of course, it will tell you what the rest of the members of the team are doing at any one time. I am guessing we will have four teams out in the daytime somewhere.

QSL card information

PLEASE be aware that the call 8P9DG was issued in 2002
to Dick Green, WC1M with his QSL Manager: NT1N
I am trying to get all the "Call Books" to reflect the fact I now have the call!!

Please read this as it will save us both grief in the long run, I will be using
LoTW ONLY as normal and will attempt to upload my logs daily.

If you want to send a QSL card to me directly,
  Please take note -- ONLY SASE -- ONLY SASE -- ONLY SASE -- ONLY SASE.

  NO -- IRC's      NO -- IRC's     NO -- IRC's     NO -- IRC's    NO -- IRC's
  They are useless to me as my postal unit will not accept them, and I will not send out a card without postage.  If you have questions, send me e-mail!