Paul W. Van Dyke
Paul is the founding president of the Indiana-Michigan-Ohio Skywarn Association and has been involved with emergency communications for 30 years, both in public and amateur communications. He is also a member of the Goshen (Indiana) Amateur Radio Club, and HFPACK.  He is also part of the KP4US contest team that normally operates out of Abonito, Puerto Rico.

    First licensed in 1988, Paul was one of the first 50 Buddipole users working people from locations across the globe with the lightweight portable antenna system.

Paul is 59 years old and has been married to Ann (KB9DQP) for 38 years. He was involved in the orthopedic implant field for 15 years and spent 15 years in the manufacturing sector prior to that. He now has a private business in retail sales.
Some assume he is retired.  His other interests include computers, historical reenacting, and community service. He holds an Extra class license.

Fave Modes - Digital, PSK, Sats, SSTV, whatever is needed... 
                                                        QRP on beach/mountains

His calls have been: KB9AVO (first call - main call),
       ZF2QD in the Grand Cayman Islands
      KP2/KB9AVO opening it up for many digital modes & running SSB
      VP2MVO, part of the infamous  1st
         "Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition - Team #1" that went to the island of
           Montserrat opening it up for many digital modes.
       V44AVO - The country of Nevis
        KP4/KB9AVO on the island of Puerto Rico
            as part of the Goshen Indiana DX Association/CQ WW Contest Team
       FS/ KB9AVO & PJ7/KB9AVO
            on the 2nd "Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition - Team #1" that went to               the island of St Maarten /St Martin opening it up for many digital modes.
       J6/KB9AVO on the island of St. Lucia on the
            "3rd "Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition - Team #1" opening it up for
              portable satellite contacts and othe digital modes
         J79AVO on the 4th "Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition - Team #1" on
              the island of Dominica opening it up for many digital modes & doing SSB.
        J3/KB9AVO  on the 5th run that took up to the to the island of Granada.
               There is NO PROOF that we stopped at River Antoine Estate,
               a rum distillery that makes 186-proof liquor,  to fuel up our radios.
          VP2MVO, returned to Montserrat as part of the
         "Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition - Team #2" and took
          Elecraft's 1st KX3 on the 1st DXpedition the radio series had ever been on and put it thru its paces on the beack, and at the villa portable. Many amateur ops were stunned that it was out and bein used at 5 to 10 watts so well.
   8P9DG This year (2013) as we will be on the island of Barbados

Next Stop
    I head off to the island of Barbados on the
     6th "Buddies in the Caribbean -Team #1 DXpedition" January 29, 2013
     as "8P6DG.8P9 digital
    I have a new backpack so the Elecraft KX3 can be used on the beach locations for many digital modes and SSB contacts.  It is rumored that I and the rest will be running digital/SSB QRP from the beach on A123 battery power.
               We have (4) KX3s      Hmmm, how may beach spots is that??
    It is also rumored that I will be using a
                              Buddipole Adjustable Shockcord Whip Vertical on the beach.
     OH Yes, I have not forgotten RTTY and SSTV and will bring my Elecraft KX3
back to the villa and connect it to run many SSB/Digital Modes .
                                  Check the cluster for us.

     And I will be at the Orlando HamFest for the 1st time,
stop and say "Hi" to all the "Buddies in the Caribbean" crew,
     rumors are is that we will be at the Buddipole Booth..

NEXT STOP = The island of  Barbados and it's many beachs ....
                            Location:   Villa Wing Song
                  (Double Click to see the Villa)
                     Grid Locator:  GK03ED

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Q.R.P. ARCI #14490
QCWA Member #36034
E.P.C. 14608
Suitcase DXpeditions
Original Member - Team 1
Digital Coordinator