A few years ago I was asked by a good friend, Budd Drummond W3FF, if I wish to be part of a group that would go on DXpeditions.
These would not be the
normal large-scale high dollar trips, but ones that entailed small portable antennas and radios that you could put in your luggage hop an airplane and go anywhere.

"Let's call them "Suitcase", "100 lb DXpeditions (2 suitcases on a plane = 100 lb. or  Grab & Go DXpeditions.

Once you get there,  they really become "Mini DXpeditions" As you grab a radio, Pencil and paper ( unless you are lucky and you grab a netbook computer) small portable antenna, and the battery and head for beach   
This type of DXpedition, is the same as I have been doing for some years in my emergency group in Indiana. We intended on going to the small islands in the Caribbean and the world, and run not only from villas--but mountain tops, beaches, etc. using battery and other forms of emergency power. 

   The groups 1st DXpedition was in 2007 to the island of Montserrat -- and the island's volcano is a legend, As it decimated two thirds of the island. Just getting there was an experience all by itself.  You may have noticed the nickname "DigiMon".  Somehow, I got named that on the first trip, probably because my specialty is digital communications .. PSK, THOR, RTTY, SSTV, and more. 

   Two years ago, on the island of St. Lucia --with the help of Steve (WG0AT) I contacted 5 amateur radio operators via satellite using a hand-held radio. As far as we know, I opened up a new country, as we have heard nobody doing that before. All of  the trips... have been just as exciting... and being able to contact radio operators around the world, has been an experience.

   Last Year,  on the island of Granada, I ran so many digital modes that I lost track, and opened that country to many many operators around the world.

  We have a total of  5 of these "special Dxpetitions" for the 1st team and more to come
BUT that was 2012
  It is now 2013 .

      My friends are calling me, reminding me of beaches, mountain tops, thousands and thousands of friends/contacts that are waiting for us to show up and run no more than 100 watts, and no more than 5 watts QRP.  
                                 The beachs, and the KX3 are waiting to go "play"!

Hmmmmm  I think I need to pack .. the jet is waiting.....
Will you be one of those that will work me??
Please check out the website and learn not only about me, and some of the equipment that I will have with me, but a little bit more about the
"Buddies in the Caribbean"  and how to find us while we are on the
  island and see some of the pictures and videos we take and upload.
              To make it a bit easier much has been sent to YouTube and use
"Buddies in the Caribbean"  in your search

     73's and see you on the air  or at the
Orlando or Dayton Hamfest

   Paul Van Dyke - KB9AVO

(2) VP2MVO
One of the "Buddies in the Caribbean" DXpedition group-Team #1
DigiMon - Paul W. Van Dyke